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  • Counterweight Dummy


      Counterweight dummy mainly plays the role of counterweight in the automobile crash test, which simulates different percentile adults by changing its counterweight. Meanwhile, the dummy can be used to test the performance of parts in dynamic test such as seat belt, seat, etc. 


            Counterweight dummy is mainly composed of metal, polyurethane and rubber, in which the metal simulate the skeleton of the dummy, and polyurethane simulates the skin and flesh covered on the skeleton. It consists of head, neck, arm, upper torso with jacket, pelvis, leg, etc. The dummy has the installation position for counterweight in thoracic spine, arm and leg, which can reasonably implement the transformation of different mass, so that the dummy reflects the performances of Hybrid III 50th and 95th Percentile Dummies respectively. The transducers can be installed in the counterweight dummy to meet the user’s requirements for various research and development tests.
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  • Counterweight Dummy